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Harness the best data in rugby. 

We use advanced AI technology to instantly collect elite-level data and analytics from rugby footage.

Our Approach

Automating data collection with AI

We offer comprehensive solutions tailored for teams and organisations unique data requirements

Improve Fan Engagement

Improve Team Performance

Our technology provides higher quality data than what was previously possible, used to engage with fans and make better decisions

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Power your organisation with the best possible data

Join the future of Rugby

Image by Hanson Lu

Real-Time Analysis

Our technology codes games in real-time

We can code an entire season within minutes. This allows you to access all the data you need, when you need it. 

Higher Quality Data

We collect more useful data than what was previously possible

10,000+ data points collected over each game

Access through infographics or XML files

Image by Nazarizal Mohammad
Image by Quino Al

Accessible To All

We make elite level match analysis available to all levels of rugby



Improve Player Recruitment

Player Progress Tracking

Team Comparison Metrics

Discover the true power of data in rugby

Winners of the 2024 University of Bath Alumni Innovation Award.


Supported by innovators

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